Eco Soap Dish

Compostable Bamboo Soap Dish

Natural Plant Fibers Soap Dish, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to keep your soap dry and lasting longer. Crafted from bamboo fiber and corn starch, along with a natural bamboo tray, this soap dish is designed with both functionality and environmental consciousness in mind.

Made from a corn starch base with a bamboo grid, this compostable Bamboo Soap Dish saves your countertops and keeps your soap at its best performance. Choose from a white or black soap dish. The soap dish is 100% plastic-free. The bamboo grid comes out for easy washing. The base of the bamboo soap dish is dishwasher safe. Perfect for soap bars, solid shampoo bars and more!

15,00  (113,02 kn) (incl. 25% VAT)

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